Who is Mark Bowden?

Mark Bowden is one of the most trusted Mental Performance experts in the modern game.

Mark Bowden – Football Mental Performance Consultant

He works with top players on an individual basis, including numerous Premier League and International players.

He is also the Mental Performance Consultant for one of the most recognised football agencies in the world.

Bowden is the best selling author for the best selling book ‘Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game: The Professional Footballers Guide to Peak Performance’. It has been read by hundreds of pro’s and many more amateur players. A number of professional footballers have referred to it as their ‘footballing bible’.

Mark Makes An Elite Football Brain Accessible to Everyone

Bowden’s work with some of the he top players in England. Along with this and through his bestselling book and his Football Mindset App, he takes a complex subject and allows everyone to take advantage of it.

Mark Bowden is one of the leading figures in the world of football/soccer performance and his acceleration to the top has come, in part, because of his approach.

Many practitioners who work with sports psychology, football mindset and mental resilience often make the area seem extremely mystical and fluffy. However, as Bowden says

Whether you refer to it as sports psychology, mindset, resilience or something else, practitioners in the game have done a great job of making it a lot more mystical than it should have been! It’s turned players, managers and clubs off of the most important area within football.

If we draw thus back to where it should be, we are talking about the brain. How to optimise it and get the best out of it to performance to your very best on the pitch.

There is nothing mystical or fluffy about this. All players that I work with and who use my app know exactly why they’re doing it and can see real and tangible results.

Mark Bowden, Mental Performance Consultant.

Why Use Mark Bowden To Take Your Football to The Next Level?

Bowden’s approach uses a simple way to gain an understanding of a very complex area. The communication received from the top players who work 121 with him, and other players who use his app have been astounding. In fact many footballers at all levels have said that Bowden’s material is career and even life changing!

His work on human behaviour and performance has seen it gain credibility as more and more pro players have come out to say of the brilliant improvements it has made to their career. Also the reviews and communication received from his app has seen him rise as one of the most recognised experts in the modern game.

Check out Mark Bowden’s tools to level up your game
Personal 121 work with Premier League & Championship players
Football Mindset app (used by over 350 pro players)

Bestselling author Mark Bowden has built up the trust of players across the UK and elsewhere as being the number 1 expert to improve their game.

The Brain Impacts Upon Everything

Whether its body language, your thoughts, your feelings or your actions. Your brain has a huge impact upon this.

Through Bowden’s work and communication in football, players are also able to understand that they have more control on these parts of their life and their game than they ever thought. Not only this, but it also then makes a huge impact upon which parts of the brain are in control.

By utilising Bowden’s expertise in this are players are able to make sure the performance parts of their brain are optimised when they take to the football pitch. They are able to take control of their body language, their thoughts and focus, their feelings and their actions. Not only this, but they are able to take control of these in such a powerful way that they can make enormous improvements to their development and their performances.

Mark Bowden has appeared on major platforms such as TalkSport & Sky Sports

Mark’s Expertise Recognised by the Media

In addition to the book, the app and Mark’s work with Premier League Footballers he also regularly appears in the media. Including appearances on many top podcasts he has also been featured on Jim White & Simon Jordan’s show on Talk Sport. Bowden has also been featured on Sky Sports, as well as in various newspapers offering his expert opinion about various matters within football.

Mark Bowden in the Sunday Mirror

Although Mark appears regularly in the media he still keeps the identity of his players and the work that he does with them highly confidential.

Mark will only reveal the identity of the footballers that he works with when the player themselves has already made it public knowledge that they have worked with Bowden.

Mark’s background is working with some of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the country.

In this role he was security cleared to the highest level in UK government.

He was entrusted by the UK government to access Top Secret documents and he takes the confidentiality of the players that he works with personally with the same level of seriousness and professionalism.

For media enquiries please contact mark@topform.global

Mark’s Consultancy With Nike

Bowden has also advised Nike in a consultancy role to assist them and their elite athletes.