“Working with Mark has not only improved my game but added a new dimension to it...”

Some players take time to settle in and don’t perform as they did. Take the gamble out of your new player transfers and inivestments.


Almost all clubs believe they are doing everything they can to maximise the success of new signings. Training, nutrition, physio and sports massage, team bonding...

But what happens when the player is not being intensely looked after by you and your team? They are at risk of other influences damaging their game. So may clubs forget that the single biggest factor that decides whether a player will be success or not, is the brain.

Without working on your player’s Elite Performance brain, you can’t simply ‘hope’ that the player will stay at their high-performing best. Your investment becomes a gamble.


In its default setting, the brain does not like change. In prehistoric times, going outside of routine or into stressful situations would put your life at a much higher risk. In time of change or stress, the ‘Red’ survival part of the brain has more control and dominates your decisions, reactions, behaviours and performance. Click here to see why this damages a player’s game.

In just 8 weeks, I will work with your transferred player, and turn your investment into a success.


Over eight weeks, I will coach them at least once per week (more often if needed). Sessions are usually via Zoom but I will travel to see the player in person if required.

I will also produce individualised audio conditioning sessions and keep the player accountable with daily check ins to ensure we maximise the speed and effectiveness of the process.