“Working with Mark has not only improved my game but added a new dimension to it...”

Complacency can be the killer of even the most promising careers. As with all training, consistency is king.


Congratulations! You’ve completed your Accelerator with Mark. You know what most players don’t. You know how to turn bad games into great games, and great games into your best games. You’ve got the tools and the knowledge and can finally see where your career is heading.

But don’t let complacency spoil all your good work. Join the Topform Inner Circle to get ongoing support from Mark and keep your mind focussed on consistent improvement.

The Inner Circle is a great way to keep your performance ‘topped up’ after you’ve completed the 60-day core program. Players often ask if they can continue to work with Mark, so having this support and resource available will allow you to develop even further and give you that long-term and sustainable impact on your game—and your life.