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Take your game to new levels with Mark Bowden and the Elite Football Brain App.

Fearless Footballer – Football Mindset App from Mark Bowden

Mark is one of the most trusted mental performance experts in the modern game. He has huge experience working alongside elite footballers and top professional teams, helping his clients reach new levels of success.

As well as his 1 to 1 coaching with predominantly Premier League football stars, Mark is a best selling author with his book “Use Your Brain Raise Your Game.” and appears frequently in the media as an expert in his field.

His work has also been recognised by sports brand giant Nike, providing consultancy to help develop the mental performance of their athletes.

Now Mark is bringing his groundbreaking trainings to everyone with the Elite Football Brain App.

Consultant for Nike

Best Selling Author

Premier League Clients

In The Media

Fearless Footballer App

Mark’s simple 3 step approach is incredibly easy to learn and designed to help all players, at any level improve their game. Using the exact same techniques Mark uses with his private consulting clients, you’ll be learning a system developed and perfected from training countless top footballers.


Through easy to understand videos, Mark gives a simple and practical explanation of how your brain works. But more importantly, you’ll learn how it works against you.

This understanding gives you a platform to make explosive improvements to your performances, by harnessing those weaknesses and making them work for you.



With your new foundation of understanding, you can begin to implement the specific tools and techniques developed by Mark to begin to train your brain to work for you. With a clear strategy and the tools to create change in the brain, you can begin to take your performances to new levels.



As you continue to consistently implement these effective ways of improving your footballing brain, these techniques become a conditioned response and a completely natural part of your game. High performance becomes as instinctual as kicking a ball.

Ease of Access

All of the trainings are accessed through an easy to use app, featuring an ever expanding series of videos featuring cutting edge information and techniques designed to transform your brain into that of an elite footballer.

Become The Best Player You Can Be!

“Working with Mark has not only improved my game but added a new dimension to it. He opened me up the mental side of the game to me which I never really took the time to explore or develop, until now! I’ve always worked hard but never trained upstairs which is the most important tool in the box. I feel mentally sharper, more focused and more present on and off the field and have now learned the ability to manage all situations, big or small, in the right way.

Aynsley Pears -Blackburn Rovers Goalkeeper

“Working with Mark has without a doubt added another level to my game. Physically I have worked hard my whole career but never taken time to train my mind. Until now! Mark has helped sharpen the most important tool in the box, the brain.
Choosing to get in touch with Mark and start working together is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.
Football has this habit of throwing curve balls every so often and I now have the understanding how to handle anything. BULLETPROOF!”

Liam Moore – Reading FC Captain

Be the Player Your Team Needs

How do the elite pro’s get to the top of their game and stay there? It’s not just talent. Those players have developed an elite football brain. It’s the mindset of a winner. The very best footballers condition their minds for success. That conditioning is like muscle memory for their minds. Performing at that level is their default state.

Now, with the Elite Football Brain App, anyone can develop those skills for themselves.

Don’t Under-Train Your Brain

Football may be a team game,

but there’s nowhere to hide if you’re not performing on the pitch. The difference between success and failure can be yards or even inches.

You know your ability. You know what you’re capable of. If you’re not performing at a high level consistently in every game, then you’re falling victim to form. And the biggest influence on a player’s form is their psychological state before and during the match. In a game of fine margins, you can go from hero to zero in the space of 90 minutes. What should be your best weapon becomes your biggest weakness.


Don’t Get Left on the Bench.

There are so many things that can affect you. Performance anxiety, personal problems off the pitch, poor state of mind, to name a few. And they can all have a negative impact on your performance on the pitch. Very often these problems will compound themselves, leaving you lacking confidence and even unsure of your place in the team. But you don’t have to let those problems rob you of your love of the game.

Because there’s a way to hack the same system that’s causing your problems.

With elite football brain App, you’ll develop your own elite football brain and learn how to fully utilise it to perform at your highest level.

Train Your Brain and Raise Your Game.

Develop your own Elite Football Brain for only £9.99/month
Try it now with our 7 day free trial and see for yourself.

The Elite Football Brain App is free to try for 7 days, so you can start training your mind at no cost and begin the transformation of your own elite football brain.

You’ll get instant access to a constantly expanding library of more than 60 videos, with new videos uploaded regularly.

The trainings cover all areas of your mental development, including position specific trainings to help you grow, wherever you play.

And for those that want to continue and take their game to new heights, we have another bonus for you.

Once fully enrolled in the app, all subscribers will receive a free digital download of Mark’s best selling book, USE YOUR BRAIN RAISE YOUR GAME. The book normally retails for £11.99, but the information it contains is far more valuable. We’ll email your free copy automatically in your first month.

This free gift to you will lay the foundations of building your own elite football brain. Mark has been credited by many footballers and coaches for his work in helping professional footballer’s reach the top of their game. It’s become known as the footballers Bible to many and is even featured at the University of Cambridge.

When used in partnership with the groundbreaking video series from the elite football brain app, you can accelerate your development and reach your goals faster.

And accessing your trainings couldn’t be easier, with our easy to use app. Available now on the Apple app store and Google play store.

Get into the flow state and stay there whenever you play football


We all see the game from a slightly different, unique point of view. Your influences and experiences shaped your personal understandings of the game. That interpretation, the mental map of your knowledge and experience, along with our own individual physical attributes are what make us unique and valuable as footballers. They determine our potential. But it’s in the mind that we create the conditions for truly expressing ourselves as footballers and unleashing that potential.

How would it feel to realise your potential?

To go beyond what you thought possible?

How would your team mates look at you?

What could you achieve?


It’s time to find out what you’re really capable of.

What the Pro’s are Saying

Some success stories from professional footballer’s that have worked with Mark.

Many of my clients appreciate and take advantage of the privacy and discretion I provide. I never push my clients for testimonials, but I'm extremely grateful when they're happy to speak about working with me.

Working with Mark has been brilliant. His knowledge, energy & the ability to relate to players are of an extremely high level.

Mark & I have made great progress in a short amount of time. He has taught me how the mind behaves, the effects it has on us & our ability to perform to our full potential. Mark is an expert in his field, showing us the true importance of our minds & how we can transform or maximise it through practice & conditioning to take control of our own performances.

He would be a great tool for any athlete looking to overcome any barriers & make full use of their greatest asset!

Kevin Stewart– Hull City Midfielder

Having reached out to him to continue my personal growth, I instantly found Mark to be approachable, inspiring and a great influence in helping me to raise my confidence and reinforce self-belief.

Mark has become an extension of my support network, providing professional insight on my weekly statistics and prompting me to make changes to my mind and behavior in order to positively impact my performance.

Aaron Martin – Exeter City Centre Back

“He made me see things in different ways that maybe I wasn’t seeing before. I’m really pleased that I’ve worked with him and will continue to do so I’m sure at some point in the future & if anyone chooses to work with him you’ll find it to be as beneficial as I have and have a real positive impact on your life and your career.”

Russell Martin – MK Dons Manager

“I recommend Mark in the work he’s doing with the book and the app that I’m currently using. The mental side of the game is so important & having the book and app make it very easy and accessible to learn how the brain works. When you’ve got confidence you can achieve anything & his work is helping me to achieve my goals as a footballer”.

Kieran Sadlier – Rotherham United

“It’s so important that people understand how affective your brain can be on your performance! My training, match days and views on life in general has changed and has had a positive effect on my life and performances. I can’t thank Mark enough for allowing me to be able to access control of my brain.”

Josh Gordon – Walsall FC

“Mark offers a really inspiring and insightful way for us to understand the brain and how the mind works to help optimise our performance.

I believe that if we are able to put this knowledge thats available to us into practice it will have a great impact.I encourage you to read Mark’s book ‘Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game’ and make use of his app TopForm

Ryan Edwards – Burton Albion

“What Mark has setup on the app to help any individual both on & off the field is hugely influential in becoming an all round better person & athlete.

For me it’s perfect and has helped me massively this season in preparing myself in the best way I can. Can’t wait to keep using it and see the new content and try to get many more people on board with it”.

Antoni Sarcevic – Bolton Wanderers

What others are saying

Craig Rossy

Best app for a footballers mindset. I have been using the app for a couple of weeks now and I highly recommend it to any footballer to help them get in to a good mindset going in to games and training.

Ben Stallard

Great app for footballers wanted to play at their highest possible level. Includes a lot of information I had never realised could effect your game so much. I love to listen to the meditations on a day to day basis and the techniques which the videos demonstrate have really helped me to keep extremely focused in a match situation.

Steve Buchanan

Best app for confidence building and getting in the mindset for a game or even training. I highly recommend this app to anyone who has low confidence or if they just want to reach they’re full potential and get the motivation to be the best version of yourself.

Daniel Bellingham

What a difference this app can make. Such a helpful app. Explains everything as it goes and made into bite-sized chunks.

This really can make a difference to someone on a daily basis or used over a period of time can make a difference to their whole career.

Keeton Duffy

Amazing app. Joining an academy I have been trying to find the right mindset and this app has it all. It is very easy to navigate. Would highly recommend to any footballer looking to do bigger and better things and progress in their career. Amazing app, faultless.

Willy Mansfield

Really can’t thank this app enough. Great advice and really helps the side of your game that is overlooked and one that many people struggle with. I notice improved confidence and maturity in my playing and it is the best feeling playing well with confidence. It’s helping me get to the next level of where I need to be.

Become The Best Player You Can Be!

All the trainings are accessed through an easy to use app, showcasing an ever expanding series of videos. Featuring cutting edge information and techniques designed to transform your brain into that of an elite footballer.