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With Mark Bowden


“Choosing to work with Mark is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career.”

Liam Moore – Reading FC Captain. 

The brain is literally responsible for everything.

It’s the intermediary between your mind and your body. And unless you know exactly how to control your brain to deliver a brilliant performance every game, then you’re always going to be a victim of form.

They say "Form is temporary but class is permanent."

But why does a player’s form go up and down when their talent is unquestionable? The simple answer is that performances go up and down because of the brain.

You could play brilliantly one game, but terribly the next.

And that inconsistency will be hurting your career. Your transfer value could plummet and you don’t get the contract you deserve. Your good form could desert you on the big stage in a crucial moment.

For most footballers, you’re lucky to get a 15-20 year career. That doesn’t really leave you much time to learn your craft, make your mark and get to the top. How long will you be there, if you even get there? You know its the poor performances and periods of bad form that will hold you back the most.

How many years do you think you have left?

What if you never come back from those moments of poor form?

Do you really want to finish your career haunted by regrets and “what-ifs”?

All because of some blips in your form. How many talented footballers before you have had those experiences? Far too many. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can retrain your brain for programmed peak performance. And I can show you how. But what is programmed peak performance?


Become the best player you can be!

Many of my clients appreciate and take advantage of the privacy and discretion I provide. I never push my clients for testimonials, but I'm extremely grateful when they're happy to speak about working with me.

“Working with Mark has without a doubt added another level to my game. Physically I have worked hard my whole career but never taken time to train my mind. Until now! Mark has helped sharpen the most important tool in the box, the brain.
Choosing to get in touch with Mark and start working together is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.
Football has this habit of throwing curve balls every so often and I now have the understanding how to handle anything. BULLETPROOF!”

Liam Moore  Reading FC Captain

“Mark has literally turned my game around. Even after our first session i felt confident that he understood the worries in my head and could help me. Worrying that I was not as mentally prepared for games as I could be and stressing over details every day were areas I struggled with, but with Mark’s patient and calm persistence he helped me understand how the brain works and more importantly, how my mind worked. His help has been invaluable.”

Tom McIntyre – Reading FC Defender

“Mark has helped to improve my performances in the following ways. On a daily basis with my motivation, focus and intensity in training. On match days with my confidence and preparing my mind as well as my body. And my recovery, shutting down from night games, improving my sleep and positive mentality. I look forward to working with Mark well into the future and believe working the mind is a great area.”

Danny Batth – Stoke City Defender

“Working with Mark has not only improved my game but added a new dimension to it. He opened me up the mental side of the game to me which I never really took the time to explore or develop, until now! I’ve always worked hard but never trained upstairs which is the most important tool in the box. I feel mentally sharper, more focused and more present on and off the field and have now learned the ability to manage all situations, big or small, in the right way.”

Aynsley Pears – Blackburn Rovers Goalkeeper

“Having reached out to him to continue my personal growth, I instantly found Mark to be approachable, inspiring and a great influence in helping me to raise my confidence and reinforce self-belief.

Mark has become an extension of my support network, providing professional insight on my weekly statistics and prompting me to make changes to my mind and behaviour in order to positively impact my performance.”

Aaron Martin – Former Southampton FC, Now Scottish Premier League Defender

“He made me see things in different ways that maybe I wasn’t seeing before. I’m really pleased that I’ve worked with him and will continue to do so I’m sure at some point in the future & if anyone chooses to work with him you’ll find it to be as beneficial as I have and have a real positive impact on your life and your career.”

Russell Martin – Former Norwich City Captain, Now MK Dons Manager

About Mark

My journey to helping footballers reach their highest potential began a world away from football. For more than decade I was a Covert Operative for the National Crime Agency, the Serious Organised crime agency and the National Criminal Intelligence Service, running covert operations against some of the country’s most notorious and dangerous organised criminal gangs and enterprises.

My day job often involved operating in an extremely stressful environment in high pressure situations. Being able to perform in those extreme, potentially life and death scenarios was utterly essential. Even after all the training and preparation, the work was often incredibly stressful.

In order to perform at my best I relied upon my extensive training, along with my knowledge of psychology which I’d studied at university. I was able to create some techniques for myself that allowed me to control my mind and perform at the highest level in some of the most difficult and dangerous circumstances. I’m pleased to say I was very successful.

After completing my service, I left the Agency and continued to study how the human mind reacts and performs under stress. I also continued to develop my “performance-under-stress” techniques and put them into a system, based on my psychology knowledge and experiences as a Covert Operative.

This isn’t the usual sport psychology you get from dusty old text books, I developed and tested these practical techniques in the field under extremely stressful situations. I know they work.

And now those unique experiences are going to revolutionise the future of football.

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Best Selling Author

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Understanding the performance state

We perform at our best when we’re in the flow state, totally in the moment and immersed completely in what we’re doing. I call this the Blue brain state, and it’s the state for peak performance.

We’re not thinking about anything else, just completely focused on the what we’re doing.

If we’re not focused and become distracted in the moment, then we aren’t functioning from the blue brain state.

And if things aren’t going our way, that’s when the negativity creeps in. We lose focus on what matters and start worrying about other things like…

  • Overthinking your game.
  • Fixating on the result.
  • Worrying about going missing in the game.
  • Doubting yourself and your ability.

When you’re thinking like this, you’re in what I call the Red brain state. This is the state the body uses for survival and in a footballing context, will be catastrophic to your level of performance.

I’m sure you’ve experienced both of those states in your career and in life.

I can show you how to consistently get in to the blue state, at will. And how to never suffer the red brain state in a game again.

You’ll no longer be a victim of poor form.

see the improvements from day 1!

That first conversation begins the process of transforming your brain into an elite footballing mind. Over the next 2-3 months working privately with Mark 1-2-1, you’ll execute his simple 3 step strategy of understanding, implementation, and conditioning to create lasting changes to your psychology.

I will teach you how to bulletproof your mind to permanently improve every area of your game and get you performing at a level you never thought possible.



  • Bulletproof to bad performances
  • Bulletproof to stagnating development
  • Bulletproof to poor confidence
  • Bulletproof to lack of focus
  • You never have to doubt yourself again.

This is everything

I will help you transform and improve every area of your game, in an incredibly short time.

From entering the performance state when it really matters, training and recovery, health and well being (both physically and mentally), improved relationships with your teammates, focus and motivation, decision making, performing at your best in high pressure situations, confidence…

You will see huge improvements in less than 3 months. 

I guarantee it.

Due to the popularity of my services and the total level of commitment I give my clients, I regret that I’m only able to work with a small number of players at any one time.

To ensure that all my players get the best possible service I’m now operating a small waiting list.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level. Please register your interest by completing the form.
I will contact you or your representatives within 24 hours to discuss how we can move your career forward together.

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