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If anyone chooses to work with him [Mark Bowden] you will find it to be as beneficial as I have and have a real positive impact on your life and your career.

Russell Martin - Glasgow Rangers & Scotland

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"Mark's work is astounding at what it achieves.

I have witnessed first hand the improvements that Mark has made to footballers and because of this I recommend that any player serious about improving their career gets in contact with Mark"

Paul Maxwell -  Physiotherapist with Premier League Stoke City and various other clubs including Aberdeen, Millwall, Bristol Rovers and Plymouth Argyle.

Football psychology that makes a REAL difference

Your brain is the most important influencer upon your performance. 

Psychology in football has largely failed to inspire players. 

I'm here to change that with tools and solutions that will take your game to a whole new level of brilliance.

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Mark Bowden

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